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PostPosted: Tue Jun 16, 2015 11:27 pm 

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Hi Peter at Tanzania Met Agency,

I am sorry that the master ancillaries were left off from the input data hard drive we sent you. This was a mistake on our part. I will bring them to Dar with me along with any other boundary data you need.

If you want to start a test experiment, you can download the corresponding set of missing ancillaries here:

The exact ancillary files (which are the surface and atmospheric boundary conditions for the regional model) are containing in configuration files in $UMDIR/vn4.5/ctldata/ancil_config/[GCM RUNID]

For example, the config file for addfa (HadAM3P baseline 1960-1990), can be viewed this way:

cd $HOME
. setvars
cat $UMDIR/vn4.5/ctldata/ancil_config/addfa

which yields:

# Master ancillary source                                                             
# Set to the name of the master ancillary file to be used for each type.
# It is assumed that master anciilaries live in directory $ANCIL_MASTER
source_mask    = qrfrac.navy10_BAS
source_orog    = qrorog.navy10.y84n                                                 
source_rough   = qrparm.ashhr
source_vegsoil = qrparm.whs     
source_whs        = qrparm.whs
source_igbp       = qrdata.igbp
source_soil       = qrdata.soil
source_soilcarbon = qrparm.soilcarbon
source_sst     = sst.addfa
source_sice    = sice.addfa
source_ozone   = ozone.historical.SRES.360
source_so2dms  = so2dms.historical.SRES.360
source_oxi     = oxi.addfa
source_volc    = volc.addfa
# The types of ancilliary which need periodic updating.
#   E.g. update_types =
#   E.g. update_types = ozone, sst, sice
update_types =ozone
# End of file

All of the files starting with qr* are already installed with PRECIS 2.0 beta.
You need to download the other six sets of files from the website URL. They are not huge files and I think you can manage to get them.

Where it says "update_types" these are the files which there are more than one file. There are four ozone files in fact.

All in all here are the files you need to download

Download those files to the directory location set in $ANCIL_MASTER which you can see by typing

cd $HOME
. setvars

The files need to be unzipped!

gunzip -v *.gz

Assuming you have addfa boundary data in $PP4LBCDIR/addfa/ and the start dumps (i.e. initial conditions) in $DUMPSDIR, you should now see addfa as a valid option for input GCM in the PRECIS user interface.
Refer to the technical manual information on setvars (where the input data needs to be) for more information. Or reply to this comment.


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