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Restarting PRECIS after a power cut. The rerun command.
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Author:  sotucker [ Fri Mar 28, 2014 5:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Restarting PRECIS after a power cut. The rerun command.

If your PRECIS run stops unexpectedly (e.g. due to a powercut) then you do NOT need to begin the simulation from the beginning. Instead I would recommend restarting from the nearest completed season using the rerun command.

rerun -iv [runid]

will give you a list of RCM restart dumps (i.e. files that contain all the RCM's prognostic variables at a particular time and date of the model simulation) that you can start from. In my case, this looks like this:

"rerun -iv elsaa
PRECIS version 1.9.3


/home/h04/pum/um/vn4.5/utils/rerun -iv elsaa

Wed Apr 10 12:47:27 BST 2013
Permanent history file : /data/local/pum/um/elsaa/elsaa.phist

Possible restart times TYPE Restart dumps
---------------------------- ---- --------------------------------------------
calling um1time
h9310 = 1979/ 3/ 1 0:00:00z NRUN /data/local/pum/archive/elsaa/dumps/elsaaa.dah9310
calling um1time
calling um1time
h92p0 = 1979/ 2/25 0:00:00z NRUN /data/local/pum/um/elsaa/elsaaa.dah92p0
calling um1time
h92o0 = 1979/ 2/24 0:00:00z NRUN /data/local/pum/um/elsaa/elsaaa.dah92o0
calling um1time
h9250 = 1979/ 2/ 5 0:00:00z CRUN
calling um1time
h9210 = 1979/ 2/ 1 0:00:00z CRUN /data/local/pum/archive/elsaa/dumps/elsaaa.dah9210
calling um1time
---------------------------- ---- --------------------------------------------
NRUN = Model may be restarted from this time only as an NRUN
CRUN = Model may be restarted from this time as an NRUN or a CRUN
Directories searched for restart dumps:

Information only: Experiment not restarted."

Choose the start of the current season where PRECIS has stopped (in my case March 1979 ,h9310 = 1979/ 3/ 1 0:00:00z) and type
rerun  runid  umdate  Remaining_runlength (Y,M,D,h,m,s)  NRUN

In my case:
rerun elsaa h9310 2,8,0,0,0,0 NRUN

Since I want to start in March 1979 and then run for two years and eight months.

Precis will then run for a month . After this you should be able to restart your experiment by typing
 restart [runid]

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